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Analysis on the Current Situation of Nursing Care for the Elderly in China and Common Diseases
汤 龙陈雪婷郑 拯
(昆明医科大学第二附属医院康复医学部,云南 昆明 650000)
TANG LongCHEN Xue-tingZHENG Zhenget al
(Department of Rehabilitation Medicine,the Second Affiliated Hospital of Kunming Medical University,Kunming 650000,Yunnan,China)
ElderlyCare modelQuality of careInternational resident assessment tool
With the advancement of medical technology, the improvement of sanitary conditions and the improvement of dietary quality, the overall life expectancy of the world will continue to increase, and the adult mortality rate will continue to decline. The resulting aging population problem will have varying degrees of impact on countries around the world. Studies have confirmed that the biggest problem of care for the elderly is that the elderly mostly suffer from two or more chronic diseases and minor problems that are ignored by caregivers or medical staff. Therefore, improving the quality of life of the elderly population is an urgent problem to be solved. This article mainly discusses the current status of China’s population aging, elderly care models and their advantages and disadvantages, and common diseases of the elderly, and proposes methods to improve the quality of elderly care, it analyzes the benefits that the combination of international residents assessment tools in the "Internet + pension" model will bring to the elderly.


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