[1]刘 璐,彭婷婷,邓 珣,等.基于知识图谱的Implementation Science杂志发文研究热点及未来趋势[J].医学信息,2024,37(13):64-69.[doi:10.3969/j.issn.1006-1959.2024.13.013]
 Research Hotspots and Future Trends of Articles Published in Implementation Science Based on Knowledge Map.Research Hotspots and Future Trends of Articles Published in Implementation Science Based on Knowledge Map[J].Journal of Medical Information,2024,37(13):64-69.[doi:10.3969/j.issn.1006-1959.2024.13.013]

基于知识图谱的Implementation Science杂志发文研究热点及未来趋势()




Research Hotspots and Future Trends of Articles Published in Implementation Science Based on Knowledge Map
刘 璐彭婷婷邓 珣
(1.首都医科大学护理学院,北京 100069;2.首都医科大学附属北京安贞医院心外监护室,北京 100029)
Research Hotspots and Future Trends of Articles Published in Implementation Science Based on Knowledge Map
(1.School of Nursing,Capital Medical University,Beijing 100069,China; 2.Cardiac Surgery ICU,Beijing Anzhen Hospital,Capital Medical University,Beijing 100029,China)
Implementation scienceClinical practice guidelineInterventionsKnowledge mapResearch hotspot
目的 探索国际期刊Implementation Science收录文章的研究热点与发展趋势,为推动基于循证的干预策略或指南转化提供方法学参考。方法 应用CiteSpace软件对Web of Science核心合集数据库文献进行知识图谱呈现和分析,包括发文国家及机构、关键词聚类及突现。结果 1883篇文献纳入分析,美国发文最多,为774篇,加拿大渥太华大学是机构中发文最多的占10.73%,出现频次最高的关键词为health care,302个关键词形成了10个合理的聚类,研究趋势包含实施策略、实施科学、健康、实施结局和项目5个方向。结论 实施科学的发展使管理者或研究者更好地理解和选择恰当的实施研究方法,基于相关的框架或论设计和实施基于循证的干预措施,并且科学的评价实施效果,以有效的促进研究证据转化为实践和政策实施。
Objective To explore the research hotspots and development trends of articles included in the international journal Implementation Science, and to provide methodological reference for promoting the transformation of evidence-based intervention strategies or guidelines.Methods CiteSpace software was used to present and analyze the knowledge map of Web of Science core collection database literature, including publishing countries and institutions, keyword clustering and burst terms.Results A total of 1883 articles were included in the analysis. There were 774 articles published in the United States. The University of Ottawa in Canada was the most published institution, accounting for 10.73%. The key word with the highest frequency was health care. 302 keywords formed 10 reasonable clusters. The research trends included five directions: implementation strategy, implementation science, health, implementation outcome and project.Conclusion The development of implementation science enables managers or researchers to better understand and select appropriate implementation research methods, design and implement evidence-based interventions based on relevant frameworks or theories, and scientifically evaluate implementation effects. It can effectively promote the transformation of research evidence into practice and policy implementation.


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